The Free Art Bureau

Please note. This post has changed since it’s publication date. Here is the official lowdown on the current state of affairs.

This website was initially set up for the annual series of workshops entitled Processing Paris. Since its creation in 2010 there has been a major change in its running and communication undertaken by the non-profit organisation, the Free Art Bureau (FAB). FAB is now at the helm of a number of activities such as conferences, exhibitions, workshops, meet-ups and publications that involve coding and open source technologies in art and design.

We will keep the Processing Paris website as a platform for documenting this event in particular along with our monthly Sessions. We would like to draw your attention however to the fact that the Free Art Bureau is the main organising and legal structure behind the event and initiator equally of the internationally renowned Processing Cities Project. For all necessary information concerning FAB’s activities, please visit our website :

all the best

Mark Webster
Free Art Bureau