PParis Workshop 2015: Masterclass


Masterclass : Live Processing workshop
[ Workshop in English ]
Teacher : Laurent Novac
Dates : 17/18/19 April 2015
Price : 160 €
En partenariat avec Le Campus de la Fonderie de l’Image.

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The masterclass is a unique opportunity to work with Processing for live performance. Using a custom made framework specially crafted for this workshop, participants will learn about integrating their own creations in a flexible manner, tailored for multiple interactions & media for live performance !

Day 1: Masterclass

Presentations of some key concepts for live audio-visual performances. The participant will work inside a ‘compact tailor made’ coding framework prepared for this workshop. This framework will be presented in detail.

The purpose of this framework is to make live manipulation of the participant’s creations as easy and natural as possible. Using different interfaces & protocols (OSC, MIDI, leap motion…), participants will be able to plug them into their sketches in a generic way!

Participants are invited to bring along with them any device; midi controller, kinect, arduino,… they want to plug into the framework and interact / play with.
Participants will then be able to start coding inside the framework and experimenting with it.

Day 2: Experimentation Day

Participants will work on their audio-visual creations and integrate them within the framework. Participants will be able to combine different creations and even mix them with other students. A ready to map 3D physical playground structure will be available on site as a means to experiment live projection mapping and test various configurations.

Day 3: Performance Day

Final touches.
Demo & performances !


Passionate about art and technology, Laurent Novac uses technology as a tool for audiovisual installations, performances or simply as a basis for creation. Member of the VJ collectives Supermafia for several years, he has participated in the creation of numerous audiovisual installations and performances. He has also been an active member of the TSKZ association for over two years now, which aims to promote collaborations between artists and scientists, by organizing various conferences and workshops teaching new technologies such as Processing.

He uses a variety of tools such as Processing, Cinder, OpenFrameworks, for graphical and interactive programming. Since 2012, he has worked as a software engineer and creative developer at GarageCube and 1024 architecture, the team behind the Modul8 and Mad Mapper software.

He is also part of the team for 1024 Architecture, developing installations and performances such as the Quantum (Full Dome).


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