Processing Paris

Processing Paris est une série de workshops pour artistes, designers et créatifs visuels souhaitant développer et partager leur connaissance de la programmation dans le processus de création. Chaque année nous invitons des meilleures professionels et professeurs dans le domaine des arts visuels et du code pour partager leurs savoir-faire. Nous proposons des workshops pour les intitiés et les plus expérimentés.


Processing Paris is a series of workshops catering for artists, designers or curious creative minds who want to develop and share their understanding of code based creation. Each year, we invite the best professionals and teachers to share their knowledge in the area of the visual arts and code. We propose a number of workshops both for beginners and most experienced.



Sessions sont des rencontres mensuels autour de la nouvelle technologie d’Open Source et de l’open culture. Une initiative proposée et organisée par le Free Art Bureau.


Sessions are monthly meetings about new medias, Open Source and open cultures. Sessions was set up and is organised by the Free Art Bureau.


Processing Cities

In 2010, Mark Webster organised a two day Processing workshop and exhibition in Paris. Simply titled, Processing Paris and led by Julien Gachadoat and Karsten Schmidt, the event proved a great success. In 2011, Cedric Kiefer and Andreas Köberle started a monthly meet up in Germany and Processing Berlin was born. It wasn’t long before other cities joined in with Processing Ghent and Processing Rennes also following suit.

The Processing Cities Project wants to encourage other like minded people to set up their own events – workshops, conferences, informal talks and show & tells – revolved around using code in the creative process. And this doesn’t necessarily mean just Processing but also vvvv, Cinder, Open Frameworks and any other code based tool. We want to spread the good word about programming and how it can be used within the arts and creative industries. Getting together and sharing our knowledge is the best means for that. So, if you would like to join in, set up an event, a monthly club or would like to help, we’d love to hear from you.

Mark Webster
President of Free Art Bureau








Free Art Bureau

Processing Paris is organised by the non-profit organisation, FAB (Free Art Bureau), set up for artists & designers using code as their main creative tool and medium. FAB organises workshops, conferences, forums, exhibitions as well as supports & documents work specifically created with code. We believe in sharing, educating, innovating and promoting. We believe that being free is an essential way of life and work.